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What people say about Angela.

Emily. Friend.

“I had never met Angela – or indeed heard of her – until she heard about a much smaller challenge of my own in 2017. Recognising the difficulties ahead of me – and my absolute naivety – she offered to help navigate me through my toughest day.
“Angela met me at 7am to set off and, 14.5 hours later, she safely delivered me to my family. Tired, wet, emotional but in one piece and having completed that day of my challenge.
“Her complete selflessness, willingness to help a total stranger, compassion, energy, strength and determination had me awe struck then.
“I’ve got to know Angela well in the two years since, and she has continued to astound me. The challenges she has taken on have been enough to raise the eyebrows of even the most cynical person.
“With Angela there is no ‘can’t’, ‘shan’t’ or ‘won’t’. She simply can.
“Her latest challenge will inspire and amaze anyone who learns about it – and rightly so.
“I’m 34, but I always think that ‘when I grow up’, I want to have even a little bit of Angela in me…”

Sarah Griggs. Friend

“The first time I met Angela it was after a yoga class and she was about to take part in the Dark Mountain Marathon. It was clear that she took her physical training very, very seriously. Alongside that, she expressed her concern about the health of the nation and the unrealistic expectation of many in the UK, that our beloved NHS will be able to take care of us from cradle to grave, without us taking good care or responsibility for ourselves. Over the following year or so, eutropin lg 4iu somatropina the idea of an awareness raising project began to take shape, and, what a project this is to be: this is no frivolous stunt! No, sky dive or abseil of a significant local monument for Angela, but to run the length of Scotland and England! Wishing Angela ‘luck’ would be frivolous – she doesn’t need it . Painstaking preparation has been the key and I look forward to following her journey.”

William. Son.

“Mum has always been a bit crazy but I never thought she’d go this far. Watching her prepare and train for this event over the last year has been inspiring. I get tired just looking at the route on a map.

Although we’d all love her to set a new world record, the run isn’t just about that. If the sponsorship she raises for Going For Old can persuade just one person to make a change to their lifestyle then it will have been worth it; not just for the person avoiding a long-term condition, but for everyone who loves them.

See you at the other end, Mum!”

Margaret. Friend and Chair of Kendal Amateur Athletic Club

I first met Angela when we were both supporting someone else was doing an amazing awareness raising feat of endurance.
Angela’s story is inspirational. I come from a competitive sporting career, she looks for something to challenge herself, and she doesn’t do things by halves!
Over copious coffee and cake we got to know each other better, one bouncing ideas off the other to our mutual benefit, and so a firm friendship was forged.
Being of “a certain age” I’m keen to get behind Angela’s latest endeavour. Keen to support her to meet her latest challenge, but also keen to share her message of “Going for Old” ….. because the alternative isn’t very attractive and I want to go headlong into my next decade with as much energy and enthusiasm as I can muster and make the most of a healthy lifestyle ….. and hopefully continue to enjoy my own competitive sporting efforts, because you’re never too old to enjoy success.”

Richard. Friend, cyclist and experienced marathon runner.

“Age is definitely no barrier for Angela. She cares passionately about encouraging everyone be as physically healthy as they can in old age; and reaching 60 herself has inspired her to inspire others with her 840-mile John O’Groats to Land’s End run.

I know training is going well because I keep seeing Angela all over the place on our network of lanes in South Lakeland. She is enjoying an Indian Summer of her own and if she gets half decent weather after stepping out on September 10th her preparation and sheer determination will do the rest. The key to anything is willpower and Angela has that in bucket loads.”

Jane. Age Group GB triathlete and friend

“Angela is an inspirational woman. Over the last few years she has developed a passion for ultra-running. Her curiosity about what our aging bodies can achieve has spurred her on to bigger and longer challenges. She continues to achieve things she didn’t think possible.

She has combined her physical achievements with her interest in health/wellbeing for older people. She is now finding more ways to help and inspire others to take small steps that will have a significant impact on the quality of our lives as we age.

It has been a privilege to know Angela over the last few years. She has inspired me and I love our conversations about keeping our aging bodies fit, healthy and able to do the things in life we still want to do.”

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