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Day 2

Another Cinderella Moment!

For the second day running, Angela kept going until Midnight. Amid concerns that Joe might turn into a pumpkin at 24:00, the support team have also survived the long hours and late finishes.

Despite having a bit of a problem requiring a brief stop and slow down, Angela covered 53 miles yesterday with an ascent of 2800 feet giving the total miles for 2 days at 127 miles – fantastic.

The support team did a superb job keeping Angela company all day and it was great to see the post from Roxys Sauces. Angela is going to make lots of new friends on this journey.

Weather was again not ideal with a headwind all day. This morning the weather is much calmer and Angela set off in good spirits, well in mind and body. I see from the tracker that, as at 09:00, she is well on her way using B roads to track the A9 towards Aviemore. Will she stop off for a spot of skiing?

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