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Day 3

Queen Of The Cairngorms But A Chilly Overnight Stop

A full day running the Cairngorms saw Angela stop overnight at 23:00 just south of Dalwhinnie. Maybe not the best choice as it sits at an altitude of 351 m (1,152 ft) and is one of the coldest villages in the UK, having an average annual temperature of 6.6 °C (43.9 °F).

Could it be that Joe and team visited the local distillery, built in 1897 and currently the highest distillery in the country??

Yesterday Angela covered another stunning 54 miles with 2400 feet of ascent, I make that 181 miles in total. At this rate she will be in England Monday/Tuesday. She is well on her way towards Pitlochry this morning going through the stunning Pass of Killiecrankie, I hope she has time to admire the view.

Angela once again managed a stop at Tesco, I wonder how many Clubcard points she will accrue by the time she gets to Lands End – another competition perhaps?

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