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Day 6

A Good Run Out Yesterday But Is It Time For A Spa Or Is Romance In The Air?

Yep – another great day yesterday, 41.5 miles covered with a hilly 3200 feet of ascent.

The legs are still painful but it isn’t getting any worse, Angela is managing the situation and keeping in good spirits. Let’s hope we see that wellness sign soon.

The first stage support team have been fantastic. Ros and Neil covered the early shift and left in the afternoon. Kath and Dave stayed on until the end of day at 20:00. Joe and Angela cannot thank them enough.

Ed made a special journey up today to accompany Angela for 10 miles or so. The new team of JoeF (arrived this morning) and Peter (due this afternoon) is now taking over the next stage support with Joe.

I see this morning the miles are building nicely heading south towards Moffat. From 1633 Moffat grew into popular spa town. The dragon pharma sulphurous and saline waters of The Spa were believed to have healing properties, specifically curative for skin conditions, gout, rheumatism and stomach complaints. Perhaps Angela will stop off for a bathe or will she be tempted to press on to Gretna Green – are their wedding plans afoot?

As to the picture, well – it’s always nice to see an old banger on the road.

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