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Day 8 Update

Approaching Kendal

Yesterday was a tougher day than you would guess from all those posted pictures. Legs and feet were painful and the afternoon heat made the going difficult. In typical Angela fashion, she insisted on pushing on to Shap for 01:00.

Accurate stats for the day are 56 miles covered with an ascent of 3000 feet – hilly!! Tracker shows we are now over half way. Yipee!

Angela is now fast approaching Kendal with her entourage. Tracker shows her at Otter Bank about a mile or two from Morrisons. Please get out and support Angela if you can.

I am hopping off to see her at the leisure centre and to deliver some sausages.

Please donate to Angel’s cause at:

Don't let today's doubts become tomorrow's reality - do something today your future self will thank you for