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Day 8

A Wrong Turn But An Amazing Run To Shap

What happened? After a great run leaving Scotland behind, you avid tracker followers will have seen a sharp right turn at a little place called Floristonrigg – don’t know what that was all about but Angela was soon back on track heading for Carlisle. Unbelievably she made Shap summit at about 01:00 summit this morning. I make that about 65 – 70 miles yesterday and now over 420 in total. That’s half way!! I’ll get accurate figures from Joe later. There was fantastic support all through the day with so many pictures on Facebook.

Today is all about the run into and through Kendal, then onwards out of Cumbria into Lancashire no doubt fuelled by Mint Cake. The tracker route looks like the A6 past Morrisons to the Riverside then the cycle path to Natland Road. Angela will set off about 09:00 this morning so be sure to follow the dot and turn out to support Angela wherever you can.

Watch Facebook this morning for any updates and also listen out for a possible chat on the Zoe Ball show.

Please donate to Angel’s cause at:

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