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Day 9

A Great Day Running Through Kendal – The Voom Leg

It was good to see Angela running on home turf and she looked really well. After descending from Shap, she called in at Kendal Leisure Centre to be met by the support teams and her growing number of fans and admirers. Voom bars were freely distributed (I had a few) – thanks VOOM. I delivered a dozen Cumberland sausages to Joe but I have a feeling not so many will reach Angela! It was great to meet her woman to frog. There was lots of local support for Angela and I expect that to continue as she works her way southwards.

Appx 35 miles were covered yesterday, modest by Angela’s standard, but not surprising with all the attention she was getting. The overnight stop was in the car park of the Boot & Shoe pub (originally an old coaching inn) in Lancaster – convenient! Lancaster Castle was the site of the Pendle witch trials in 1612 and was also known as The Hanging Town.

So – the second half begins. Another early start today with Cornwall in her sights. Angela is already nearing Garstang and I would anticipate a speedy journey through Preston (best not to dally there) heading south towards Warrington.

Angela was interviewed on the Zoe Ball show on Radio 2 this morning. Please listen in if you haven’t already and turn out to give support if you can.

Don’t forget to donate to Angel’s cause at:

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