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Day 11

Should It Be The Running Mummy Rather Than Granny?

Have you seen that photo (below), more bandages on her feet than Tutankhamun. Perhaps we should ask the Cairo Museum for sponsorship!!

If you are squeamish, don’t watch the video posted yesterday as Angela drives a needle through her toe nail to release the haematoma – truly gross.

Joe is tied up at the moment so exact stats to follow. Despite the feet problems, roughly another 39 miles covered yesterday. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. (By Billy Ocean, the song was used as the theme song for the film The Jewel of the Nile. The saxophone solo is by Vernon Jeffrey Smith).

Needless to say, the day must have been incredibly painful, I don’t know how Angela is doing this. The support team must be working flat out to keep her on her feet and moving forwards. Pete has finished his two day support stint and special thanks to Plodding Lou for an extra long stint, Siobhan, Steve & Diane and also Laura, who broke her long journey to the Glen Coe Skyline Ultra to run with Angela. Jim joins the team this morning.

So – having crossed into Shropshire yesterday, the day ended at Whitchurch. Today looks like being another warm one and the tracker this morning shows Angela already miles down the road with some 22 miles to the county town of Shrewsbury. Is it pronounced Shrooooosbury or Shrowsbury? Perhaps some locals will let us know. After Shrewsbury, Angela heads towards Ludlow on the border with Herefordshire. A distant 50 miles away!

Keep watching the tracker and please turn out to give your support along the route. Don’t forget to donate to Angel’s cause at:

A river cuts through rock, not because of its power but because of its persistence