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Day 12

A Good Day In Shropshire But Not Sure About The Cooking As Now Minus A Tooth (Well Crown)

Firstly, the official stats for Friday (Day11) were 40 miles with 1800 feet of ascent. The high temperatures necessitated a break at lunchtime but still an impressive distance. The A49 to Whitchurch was potentially dangerous with heavy traffic and no pavement. Scarey. PeteB left the support team to compete in a duathlon but will be back Monday and Jims good lady, Hillary, joined the team.

On Day 12 Angela covered another staggering (no pun intended) 46 miles with 1700 feet of ascent. I reckon that makes 572 in total. Getting closer! It was another hot one with an afternoon break to avoid the worst of the heat.

It wasn’t Angela’s toes that dropped off yesterday but a crown, making it difficult to eat. What next?

After running through Shropshire the team spent overnight just north of Ludlow.

This morning the weather poses a different challenge with rain forecast on and off all day. As I look at the tracker at 10:00, Angela has already crossed into Herefordshire heading some 24 miles towards Hereford, home of HP Bulmer which makes 65% of the five hundred million litres of cider sold annually in the United Kingdom. Cheers.

Just north of Monmouth (40 miles) Angela will cross into Wales, her third country on this JOGLE. Laverbread and leeks for tea perhaps.

The target for today is to get to Tintern, within smelling distance of the River Severn, but it is a big ask. The South West beckons.

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