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Day 15

Another Day Of Rain But Superwoman Keeps Going

Tuesday was rain off and on all day, heavy in the morning. There were a lot of clothing changes but even so, Angela covered 37 miles with 1000 feet of ascent.

The feet were troublesome all day so it was walking rather than running and, for the first time since leaving John O’Groats, Angela had no running buddies. Come on guys, get your togs on and get out there. ChrisG came out and gave expert advice and physio which was a great help.

Hillary finished her extended support stint yesterday afternoon. Huge thanks to her for giving up her Monday/Tuesday to provide much needed cover.

The day ended at Taunton, birth place of Jenny Agutter (Railway Children), Pattie Boyd (darling you look wonderful tonight) and home to Viv Richards for 12 years.

Emma, now world famous hospital doctor and runner, kindly offered overnight accommodation, an evening meal, and a good hot soak in the bath for Angela. Emma – you are a star. Angela declined the offer of a bed and slept in the motor home as the bed is set in just the right position for her.

Health update – it has been confirmed this morning that Angela has an infected big toe – ouch. Not sure what they are doing about it but I bet Angela is carrying appropriate treatment. Some observers have been concerned that Angela is losing weight over the last 2 weeks but in fact, after putting on a couple of pounds at the start, her weight has remained stable. Most days, porridge, bacon and egg butty, evening meal and energy bars are consumed.

OK – so where to now? I see from the tracker that at 09:00 Angela is already at Wellington and should be about to enter Devon. Also the 700 mile barrier is about to be broken. Angela has to cover about another 140 miles. Please do this by tomorrow night so that I can win the guess the time completion – ta.

Continuing south west Angela will pass through Cullompton towards Crediton (birth place of Winfrith or Saint Boniface about the year 672). The edge of Dartmoor and Oakhampton beckon but that is more likely for tomorrow.

With Joe and Eddie tied up driving the support vehicles, Angela will be alone for this leg of the journey so please turn out and do a few miles (and get your picture on the JOGLE Facebook page).

Follow the tracker for progress and please donate to Angel’s cause at:

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