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Day 16

Devon Is Proving A tough Challenge But Angela Has It Beaten

It was a gruelling day for Angela with hilly terrain and small country lanes. The toe is still very painful (taking antibiotics) and the feet/legs were not up to running. Even at walking pace, Angela covered 39 miles with 2500 feet of ascent – incredible.

Some of the lanes were too small for the motorhome so support was challenging requiring out of the box thinking. At one point, the motorhome had to negotiate small A roads, a bacon and egg butty was cooked and Joe had a 7 mile bike ride to deliver it to Angela. There’s dedication for you.

Emma joined Angela yesterday morning before heading off to work and old friend Brenda turned up to cheer Angela on. Thanks girls. Despite the quiet lanes, the support team managed to find witnesses to evidence Angela’s progress.

It was a relatively early finish at Coleford where they parked up at the New Inn, courtesy of Mark. (Charles I came through Coleford on 27 July 1644 on his way to Bow, where he spent a night during the English Civil War).

The support team spent a couple of hours on cooking, cleaning, foot care, replenishing support materials, paperwork and social media. Fortunately they finished in time for Eddie and Joe to join Mark for a couple of sneaky beers whilst Angela slept. Mark offered breakfast but the team decided to stick to routine.Tremendous thanks to Mark and be sure to visit the New Inn.

Where to now my lover? (yes, I have Cornish blood in me). I see Angela is well on her way to Oakhampton this morning (14 miles), then another 16 to Lifton where she will cross into Cornwall, or Kernow as us locals know it. Bodmin moor looms large ahead, a challenge on any day but today, the weather looks like it could hamper progress. The Jamaica Inn is a tempting target for an overnight stop for a pasty and Cornish Mead but that may be a step too far for today.

For those that don’t know, Jamaica Inn is a novel by Daphne du Maurier, first published in 1936. It was also made into a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

The final 100 miles is going to be extremely tough for Angela so any support is most welcome and will really help. Please turn out to run or just cheer.

Follow the tracker for progress and please donate to Angel’s cause at:

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