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Day 17

Things Just Get Tougher But Now In Cornwall

Angela had a long day in a lot of pain with the toe still infected, shin, knee and feet issues. Downhills were particularly difficult, and there were a lot of those. With gritted teeth and pain killers, Angela still covered an amazing 42 miles with 3200 feet of ascent. Blimey!

Local man ChrisG found the team before Oakhampton and gave route advice to avoid some of the A30 and in Oakhampton, Angela had her first coffee shop stop of the JOGLE at TOAST, home of Fletcher the fox (see pic). Many thanks to Lora for the hospitality and support. At 17:30, Angela’s sister Julia appeared. A surprise to everyone as she lives in Normandy. She walked a few miles with Angela and will provide much needed additional support. Merci Julia.

From Oakhampton it was a hard slog along the A30, busy, noisy and not nice. At 19:00 Angela reached Lifton and crossed into Cornwall (yippee). Angela was well lit up in the dark but soon a kindly police officer stopped to offer safety advice. He also signed as a witness for the record book. Thanks PC whoever.

After another comprar dianabol 10 miles at 22:20, the team parked up at the Kings Head Hotel at Fivelanes but after all the housekeeping, there was no time for a beer. Big thanks to Mandy at the Kings Head.

Another day has started and Angela has already passed the Jamaica Inn and Brown Willy (always makes me snigger). Brown Willy is the highest summit on Bodmin Moor at 1,378 feet. She does need to keep an eye open for the Beast of Bodmin, a black panther type animal that has been seen many times over the years. Scary.

There are about another 12 miles on the A30 before moving onto quieter roads into Bodmin town. The headwinds and showers this morning are making it extremely hard. Angela will then crisscross the A30 staying on quieter roads towards Mitchell some 30 miles away from the start point.

Although we are all starting to get very excited, it is hard to predict Angela’s triumphant arrival at Lands End. So much depends on injuries and weather. I think we can be fairly confident that it will be Saturday or Sunday but please turn out and give as much encouragement as you can, these last 70 odd miles are going to be particularly tough.

There is a disparity between Angela’s GPS watch and the tracker. The watch has miles to date at over 800, about 30 more than the tracker. Joe is looking into it. The watch is probably right which would make the overall JOGLE 870 miles – strewth.

Keep following the tracker for progress and please donate to Angel’s cause at:

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