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Day 18

Despite Atrocious Weather, Angela Defeated Bodmin And Is On Target For LE Today

Yes, against torrential showers and headwinds, so strong they stopped Angela in her tracks at times, she put in another 42 miles with 3200 feet of ascent. Some of the showers were so heavy it was dangerous to drive and the support team had to stop. Big thanks to PaddyF from Kendal who shared the worst of the showers with Angela. Toes and shins are no worse and under control but one knee is still unstable and giving problems. Fingers (and toes) crossed that it holds out OK today.

A number of locals came out yesterday to offer support or walk with Angela which was great. Don’t have all the names but thanks to everyone in particular Ryan, Bev, MikeK and the group that found Angela at 21:30. I think we can expect more support today judging by the Facebook posts.

The day stanazol for sale ended at Scorrier where old friends Adam and Sue provided food, showers and somewhere to park. The offer of beds was declined and everyone slept in the vehicles so as to make an early start. Apparently, leaving Adam and Sue’s this morning was reminiscent of Whacky Races!!

Jim and Hillary (who provided support through Shropshire and beyond) and SteveP (another old friend) have joined the support team for the final leg today, great news for Angela, Joe and Eddie.

So today – a 6:00 start to try and beat the storm that is forecast to hit Cornwall after lunch. It will be a close thing. I see from the tracker that at 08:15, Angela is in Camborne. Camborne Hill is a well known Cornish song and I hope Angela takes note of the lyrics:

“White stockings, white stockings she wore (she wore)

White stockings, white stockings she wore

White stockings she wore:

The same as before;

Going up Camborne Hill coming down ”

Then sticking to the A30, she will pass through lots of tin mining country before reaching Penzance. No time to visit St Michaels Mount as it’s only another 10 miles to Lands End.

This has been an epic journey and it would be great if as many people as possible turn out to show support for Angela on this last stretch. Please keep following the tracker and get out to see her if you can.

Donations are currently standing at £7187. It would be fantastic to hit £8k by the finish so please donate to Angel’s cause at:

Believe you can and you're halfway there