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JOGLE-athon for the NHS

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Help 'The Running Granny' Angela and her sister Julia run and walk a 1345km virtual relay 'JOGLE' event from John O'Groats to Land's End

Please share this challenge & follow our journey on our Facebook Group.

To learn more about The Running Granny click here and for more about Julia click here.

Percent Complete:


Virtually running:

Wall of fame!

"Alex and Ben Bushell" "Amy" "Andrew Broomby" "Anna Broomby" "Anna Larden" "Anthony Cook" "Bev Brooks" "Callum Robinson" "Cameron Hill" "Carolyn Kevan" "Catherine Kearns" "Charlotte Dyer" "Colin Brown" "Daniel Milton" "Dave" "Dave & Fern" "David and James Vyner-Brooks" "Debs White" "Di Newton" "Diane Donahue" "Eddie Winthorpe" "Fiona Taylor" "Flo Jo & Millie Dog" "Graham Wynn" "Hayley Greenhow" "Helen Pye" "Helen Shaw" "Helena Begg" "Holly" "Isobel Hall" "James Grant" "Jan Dupree" "Jane Pye" "Joanna" "Joanna Quested" "John Gorman" "John Worth" "Jonathan Richards" "Jude Swan" "Julia Brown" "Julia Brown & Max" "Julie C" "Julie Scott" "Kate Plant" "Kath Finn" "Kathryn Jackson" "Kay Evans" "Kerry Byrne" "Lara Debenham" "Laura Frowen" "Laura Martindale" "Lisa Horler" "Lorraine Bennetts" "Lottie Thompson" "Lucy Griffin" "Lucy Spain" "Margaret Belk" "Mel Burton" "Melissa Davies" "Melissa J Bodeau" "Michael Burch" "Mike Churchyard" "Neil Bowmer" "Patrick Jordan" "Paul Hadley" "Paul Taylor" "Penny" "Peter Browne" "Rachael" "Ros Blackmore" "Ros Knight" "Rosie Stothert" "Russell George" "Sandra Brooks" "Sarah & Jo Rycroft" "Sarah Fuller" "Sarah Gerrish" "Sarah Haynes" "Sarah Winthorpe" "Sue H" "Sylvia Chudley" "Tania" "Tanya Bushell" "Tara" "The Running Granny" "Val" "Vicky Harvey" "Vicky O'Neill" "Vikki McGarry" "Wiz & Jake Lees"

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