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Step 3 – Alcohol-Free Days
It is so easy to get home after a long day at work knowing there are still jobs you’ll be doing through the …
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Step 6 – I drank alcohol from a smaller glass
As I continued to reduce the amount of alcohol I drank, I started using a smaller glass. A half-filled smaller glass would help …
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Step 9 – I drank more water
This small step ought to be really simple but, for me, it wasn’t and I still don’t always get it right. Recommendations are …
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Step 27 – I would offer to be the driver on nights out
Here are another couple of small steps in my quest to reduce my alcohol consumption. I would offer to be the driver when …
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Step 28 – I swapped caffeine drinks for decaf and herb tea
Another small step in my attempts to increase my fluid intake/water intake was to swap caffeinated tea and coffee for decaf or herb …
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