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Step 2 – I ate less fried food
Among the early small steps I took was making changes to what I ate. Rather than embark on some rigid and restrictive ‘diet’ …
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Step 5 – I ate more fruit
As part of the change I made to what I was eating, I wanted to stop eating biscuits and replace with a healthier …
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Step 10 – I changed my shopping habits
I never had a set time to go food shopping and would fit it in going home after work. This meant I never …
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Step 14 – I found easy ways to eat more vegetables
Working long days and lacking enthusiasm or imagination for cooking at the end of the day, it was all too easy to eat …
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Step 22 – I found more ways to eat more vegetables
This was another step to improving my eating habits. The plate in the picture I used to encourage me to make sure that …
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