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Get into nature

This week we’re encouraging you to get out into nature. There are many long-term benefits from getting outdoors, but even spending a short time outside will get instant results.

Being in nature calms the mind, it sharpens focus, enhances creativity, and all this helps to relive the stresses of modern life. Our batteries will be recharged, will improve our sleep. We become better people, as nature reminds us to be kinder.

Here are some ideas of how to get a little nature into your week…

Take a walk, run or cycle ride in the countryside, or in your local park.

Potter in your garden, or help in a community garden.

Find a bench in a woodland, and just sit – let nature work it’s magic.

Go camping, and sleep under the stars.

Plan a picnic, or eat one of your meals outside.

Wake up early for the sunrise, or make time to watch the sunset.

Go barefoot, walking barefoot on grass, or the beach helps us to connect with nature.

There is no wrong way to get outside, we have so much to gain from exploring the natural world.

How will you get out into nature this week?

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