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Make Time For You

This challenge is about doing something for yourself, when did you last make time for you?

We are over-scheduled, and feel guilty if we take time out for ourselves, but it’s okay to leave a little room for living. Even in a busy day, taking a quiet moment to be still and mindful will be hugely beneficial in preventing burnout. Even something simple like stopping work, and looking out the window while you drink your cup of tea can be enough.

Spending time with yourself is time well spent, as it makes you a happier person, which benefits everyone around you. With a happier, healthier mindset you will be in a better frame of mind to take care of the ones you love.

What will you find time for, to invest in you?

Here are a few ideas…

read a book

️go for a coffee

visit a museum or gallery

go to the cinema

have a bubble bath

take yourself out for breakfast

have a nap


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