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Life begins at……………….

13 days to go

A phrase frequently heard is ‘Life begins at 40, 50……etc’ but what is meant by that?

In our early decades we may spend time thinking about things we’d like to be, have, or experience and spend energy trying to achieve those ideas. Through our endeavours we develop the skills we need to deal with what life bestows upon us and that makes life more enjoyable. This ever-increasing armoury of knowledge about ourselves can encourage us to believe that anything is possible and give us confidence to make big changes. Thirty years ago friends and family thought I was mad to give up a good career and go to medical school, especially with small children. Then, moving to a completely new area of the country for the lifestyle opportunities (lakes and mountains 😊) in my early forties was unimaginable to my social circle at that time.

I wouldn’t change these major life decisions and know I would not have had the opportunities living here has enabled me to embrace and, now in my 60s, continues to deliver new experiences.

Today, it’s more common to hear of people in their forties making big changes, career, relationships, travel, lifestyle or setting big goals.

But, it bothers me there is still a view that at 60 the best is behind us and activities should slow down or end. At this age we have amassed much knowledge and experience, we are emotionally mature, wiser and could be bolder. It’s never too late to learn new things, they’re just new experiences to add to those we already have. And, if folks suggest you’re having a ‘mid-life crisis’, it’s only because they can’t imagine themselves doing it – there’s no need to let the limits they place on themselves stop you having fun.

To give yourself the best chance of a succession of life-enhancing experiences you need to attend to some basics. Our bodies will serve us well provided we look after them and that means maintaining a healthy diet and healthy weight, taking steps to keep ourselves fit, not overdoing the alcohol and getting enough rest and sleep.

We don’t need to some milestone to find happiness and enjoyment in life. Life is what you make of it at whatever age you are.

A river cuts through rock, not because of its power but because of its persistence