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Benefits of spending time outdoors

58 days to go

During my training hike in the hills today I’ve been reflecting on how much I’ve missed being here these last months.  Whilst I’ve missed the hills, it’s not so much the hills themselves, it’s more about how it makes me feel.

On each trip up a hill since we were allowed to travel last week, I get to a certain point and find myself taking a really deep breath – its’ not because I’ve just romped up the hill, it has to do with what some people call their ‘happy place’ – somewhere the stresses of everyday life shrug off and allow the mind to be carefree for a while. I call it my oxygen for the soul.

There are so many benefits from making time to walk outdoors. Sunshine, wind, rain, fresh air in any green space, park, forest, hill or beach has the power to improve mood and sharpen your creative focus which can help if you’re trying to find solutions to a problem.  Spending time outside reduces stress and improves sleep.

Regular walking can help with weight management, reduce high blood pressure and improve management of conditions like type 2 diabetes. Being outside in sunshine boosts Vitamin D which itself has a role in supporting many bodily functions.

The mental health benefits are well known, not only helping you manage and reduce stress but also relieving anxiety and helping reverse symptoms of depression.

These are just a few benefits of being outdoors. I  hope you all manage to find some time for a walk this weekend and reap some of these benefits. Have a good weekend :-)




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