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Day 18: Movement Monday #3

Today we are exploring the benefits of yoga!

Whether you’re looking to improve your flexibility, balance, strength and coordination or simply find new ways of winding down and relaxing, yoga is a great addition to your weekly activities.

Many people who have had a health scare or a prolonged period of little activity can suffer from anxiety when it comes to exercising. Yoga can be a great place to start to build confidence and motivation and the physical benefits mentioned above can help improve form and technique for other sports, such as improving core strength for runners. There is also some research to suggest the benefits of deep breathing with yoga can help manage blood pressure, as more oxygen is brought into the body.

There are many resources available online, such as Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, who has different video tutorials for beginners through to experts.

Who is already a yogi and what is your favourite pose?


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