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Day 28: Reflections

It’s in the evenings and before bed that lots of us will reflect on the day that’s been and often it’s the worries, stresses and bad events that play on our mind. This can lead to poor sleep and a vicious cycle of more overthinking about not sleeping and so forth!

I was speaking to a good friend last week and she was telling me how her and a friend were texting each other three good things that had happened that day before going to bed. This helped put her in a positive mindset at the end of each day. By making a note of these points, it can be beneficial to look back and reflect on whats going well, preventing the positive aspects of life being overshadowed by the negatives. When you then wake up in the morning, take a minute to visualise how you would like the day to pan out and start the day with a positive mindset.


The end goal is a bonus - it's the journey that changes us