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Day 30: Cycling

We’ve talked a lot about steps and walking this month, but cycling is another great activity to build into your week.¬†Whether its dusting off the trusty old stead or you’ve got a zippy road bike in the garage, there’s a lot of enjoyment and health benefits to be had!

Apart from a bike and a helmet, you don’t need lots of new equipment to get going. Some people find padded shorts make longer rides more comfortable and a rain jacket is a must if you live in the North!

If it’s been a while since you have been out cycling, start on local quiet lanes if you can, away from any busy traffic and build your confidence back up before going further afield. When we are allowed to meet in groups again, getting friends together for a cafe ride can be a great way of making your exercise more sociable.

The evolution of electric mountain and road bikes, or ‘e-bikes’ as they are commonly known, is also making the trails and roads more accessible to people of all abilities. These bikes still require pedalling, so you can’t sit back and relax, but they can help us go further afield and see more of the countryside.


Never let others put limits on what you can achieve