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Feb 4th: Time to Talk about Mental Health Day

It’s Thursday 4 February and designated as ‘Time to Talk Day’, a day to start conversations and get the nation talking about mental health.

Before Covid, mental health statistics were bad enough with 1 in 4 of us having a mental health problem at any one time but over the last year there can be few who haven’t suffered some effect on their mental health.  The impact of lockdown and restrictions on normal social interaction, loneliness, fear, anxiety, job insecurity, home schooling, some aspect will have affected each of us. And, it’s not only adults as there has been a significant rise in the number of children with mental health problems suffering over the past year.

The perception of having a mental health problem can lead to us becoming withdrawn and isolated or feel ashamed or worthless and reluctant to speak about our problems or to seek help and this can make things worse.

Amongst things we can do to help ourselves and others are to talk and walk.

A little exercise outdoors in the fresh air has been shown time and again to be beneficial to our mental health. Social contact is equally beneficial whether talking about specific problems or just conversing generally; we are social beings and thrive when being able to be with others. Putting the two together, walking and talking can transform your day and your outlook.

So pick up the phone and call that friend you’ve been meaning to contact – “be the difference that makes a difference”.

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