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Friends are the sunshine of life

54 days to go

No one could have been more anxious than I was when I first joined a small ladies’ running group just nine years ago. I had so many doubts about looking ridiculous, slowing everyone down, people laughing at me and so on, that it nearly didn’t happen.

One of the best things has been meeting so many lovely people and making so many friends, like-minded people of all ages and from all walks of life all with a shared passion.

It’s not unknown for me to go for a day in the hills on my own and end up doing a few miles with a complete stranger and then keeping in touch afterwards.  Even more so at events where you’ll find yourself meeting up with others and sharing the pleasures, pains and the weather with them whilst encouraging each other along the way.  None of the things that I’ve achieved in recent years would have been possible without these people around to guide and support me.

And, prior to my taking up this running I could never have imagined how busy my ‘social’ calendar would become and how much my life would be enhanced by it.  There’s generally always something to get involved with whether a group trip into the hills, taking part in an event, marshalling or otherwise helping at an event or being part of a support crew for folks who are undertaking their own personal challenges.

For me, the running community epitomises the saying that “Strangers are just the friends you haven’t met yet”.

Challenges make life interesting - overcoming them makes life meaningful