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Health benefits of a challenge

21 days to go

Click on this link for a flavour of my 62@62 challenge

There may be many reasons we set ourselves challenges or goals and we may not even be aware we are getting more bang for our buck than we intended.

For instance, completing the challenge gives us reason to be proud of our achievement which can help with our confidence. Setting about the challenge in the first place provides us with a sense of purpose and maybe some routine and structure as we work towards the goal.

Along the way there may be obstacles to overcome – I’ve had my fair share with 62@62 – and dealing with each one has helped build my own resilience which has helped overcome the next obstacle. (See 23 days to go – Resilience)

A new goal can involve us having to learn new skills, meet new people, share adventures, go to new and exciting places and broaden our horizons. And, having achieved our goal we are more likely to set ourselves another one and continue enhancing our lives.

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“You’re never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream”.



Changing the quality of your thinking can change the quality of your life