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Healthy Ageing – the health pension

52 days to go

Our good physical and mental health are our most important assets but like many assets they need time and investment in maintaining them so they can serve us well as we age.

I believe we should plan for a healthy older age in the same way we do with a pension. We understand that saving or investing in a pension is important for our financial security after we reach retirement age.  We should be thinking the same way with our health.  Making healthy lifestyle choices throughout life is an investment for continuing good health.

If you consulted a financial advisor he would explore your existing financial position and gain an understanding of your hopes and expectations for a financial needs once retired.

If you could consult an advisor for your future health what would they explore?  I think there are five broad areas to consider each of which impacts on our risk of developing health problems.  Many problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and type 2 diabetes to name a few, are largely preventable and we can reduce our risk by adopting simple changes to our lifestyle.

The five areas are:

  1. What we eat
  2. The amount of alcohol we drink
  3. Our level of physical activity
  4. Our social activity such as hobbies, volunteering, learning new skills
  5. Our sleep , recovery and relaxation time

For the most part we know how well or badly we are doing in these areas.  I invite you to ponder how you measure up with your investments in your ‘heath pension’ and come back over the next few days when I’ll look at these in more detail.



Believe you can and you're halfway there