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Over every mountain there is a path although it may not be seen from the valley

46 days to go

Today should have been a rest day but I was offered the opportunity of a lift into the lakes. It would work well as I could do a short recce to answer one of the many questions I have in working out what is going to be the best route for my challenge.

My mission was to see whether there was an easy way up this hill from the point where the photograph is taken. At first sight it doesn’t look promising.

As I proceeded with my task, it struck me how often so much of what life presents to us is like my hill: being faced with an obstacle and not knowing any route through it let alone the best route.

You have options: you can do nothing but then you’d never know whether you could have overcome the obstacle, what the journey might hold or what delights you might find on the other side. Another option might be to seek guidance, as most things that happen to us will have happened to someone else at some point, so there’ll be friends, books and other resources to refer to. That gets you so far but you still have to make the journey yourself.

A third option is to tackle the obstacle head on and take small steps forward, see what happens and have faith that you won’t be the first to pass this way.

Sure enough with my hill I hadn’t gone far before a small path appeared which I followed. It seemed to follow the route that water might take down the hill although today it was dry.  In places the path disappeared only to return as I ventured further. At other times it branched in multiple directions giving me choice. I eventually came to a point where the path went one way but I wanted to go another so I left the path and made my way over rough ground.  What had looked like an obstacle wasn’t really an obstacle at all once I decided to tackle it one step at a time.



Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid. Courage means you don't let fear stop you