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Planning is good for your health

35 days to go

Whilst it’s great to have the freedom to be spontaneous if opportunities present themselves, most of the stuff we do in life benefits from a bit of planning, and planning is actually good for our mental health.

It’s worth the energy and effort to give yourself the time and commitment to planning, and regularly reviewing the plan helps you refine it and helps it succeed.

The first thing is to be clear on exactly what the goal is. After that I generally start my planning process by thinking about what can possibly go wrong and making a list of risks. I then review the risks and work out what I might do to avoid or minimise them. This creates another list which becomes the basis of my preparation.  I won’t have all the answers so may need to consult with others to ask their advice.

It’s important for the plan to be flexible but also dynamic and adaptable if the need arises. I also need to identify contingencies for when things don’t go to plan as it’s never going to be perfect, no plan ever is.

Part of planning is identifying alternative options and then analysing them – I’ve been doing just that today with choices for a section of my route.

The plan needs to be shared with everyone who is involved in good time for them to contribute.  A well documented, well rehearsed plan helps remove any ambiguity or confusion and is less stressful for everyone.

A good plan will help reduce doubt and anxiety, gives peace of mind and help avoid taking any chances or risks. It helps manage time more efficiently and so become more productive and give confidence.  Overall planning helps reduce stress and help us feel more fulfilled.

While planning is no guarantee of performance there’s no doubt that a well worked up plan can be the difference between failure and success.

6 Ps – ‘Prior proper planning prevents poor performance’.





Changing the quality of your thinking can change the quality of your life