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Putting ‘One of those days’ in perspective

43 days to go

The problem with having a day when the universe seems to thwart all your efforts is that unless you have a way of getting the bad stuff in some sort of context with the good, then you’ll not sleep well as they’ll be on your mind. The trick is to focus on the positives.

My long training day today turned into ‘one of those days’. It felt like an epic fail.

Of course it wasn’t all bad but I had to go through an end of day reflection to put it in perspective. I started to mull it over during the last mile or so and then on the long drive home.

What went wrong?

Early in the day on a steep dry loose descent the universe decided it didn’t want me vertical and swept both feet from under me and landed me unceremoniously further down the slope on a nasty little rock. One very bruised and painful coccyx turned the day into a literal pain in the rear mainly because it slowed me down. I couldn’t run, scrambling was difficult and even walking quickly was very uncomfortable.

Being so slow meant I failed to complete all of the route I had planned.  On one of the scrambles I couldn’t find a line up the fell I could manage. I tried three different possibilities before backing off in frustration.

I could have stayed out later and covered a bit more of what I had planned but realised I had swapped to a bigger rucksack today to carry extra food and fluid…..and somehow forgot to transfer my headtorch and I didn’t want to be coming down after dark without one.

Epic fail!

Until I ask myself what went right. Well, I was out on the beautiful fells and it was a gorgeous sunny day. I might be bruised but I haven’t broken anything this time. I was out for eleven hours and still gained a lot of miles and ascent in my legs even if it wasn’t as much as I’d hoped. I also took some nice photos and met some nice people. And, there’s loads of good things in my life.

So not an epic fail – just a bit of bad luck…..a good night’s sleep and hopefully I’ll be on the mend tomorrow.





Don't let today's doubts become tomorrow's reality - do something today your future self will thank you for