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Take a Break Part 1

9 days to go

Listen to nature’s clock and take regular breaks, which is even more important now so many are working from home where it’s too easy to stay at the desk on zoom calls all day as friends of mine report doing.  Many of us succumb to the pressure to keep going and not give ourselves time for a break whether that’s a few minutes during the working day, 15 minutes away from children and chores or annual leave.

There’s always one more task: another email to read and respond to, at home we’re always generating laundry and washing up, often need to shop for essentials and if we never stop, these chores become arduous and take longer than necessary to complete….plus often leave us feeling inadequate.

Regular breaks help us return to the next task with renewed vigour and we’ll probably get it done quicker and feel it’s a job well done.

All breaks have been found to benefit our wellbeing, giving us time to reset and refocus which helps to improve our productivity. The break interrupts the stress that accrues when we feel we have too much to do and taking multiple short breaks during the day has been shown to reduce the overall fatigue we feel at the end of a day helping us sleep better.

It’s entirely your choice how to spend your break although if you spend it having a chat with a friend or with colleagues over coffee, it gives a feeling of connection and can improve your mood.

Escaping for a few minutes to read a few pages of a book or magazine, doing the crossword or puzzles, taking a walk or getting away from your desk and having a good stretch.  Any of these will provide the necessary interrupt your brain needs to rebalance itself.

It’s the Bank Holiday weekend and half term so I hope you have a good break planned somewhere. If you’re still about tomorrow we’ll cover more ideas on taking a break.

Happy Holidays 😊





Don't let today's doubts become tomorrow's reality - do something today your future self will thank you for