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Where there’s a will there’s a way

60 days to go

There may be many reasons why we might fail to achieve the challenges we set for ourselves: from not being clear about what we’re trying to achieve, not being as committed as we might be or a variety of obstacles or difficulties that need to be overcome.

I have a bit of a problem if I find myself in places with exposed edges even when there isn’t actually a risk of falling.  When this happens I can freeze and be unable to continue.  As there are a number of places on my route where I’ll be faced with this I need to work on either overcoming the problem in these places or devising an alternative tactic.

Breaking down the problem into manageable chunks means visiting each place in turn.

Today’s little demon was a trip up a ridge, one I’ve done before but not for some years. This is where asking for a little help from our friends makes a huge difference.  I wouldn’t have been happy to attempt it alone but a friend who knows it well was only too happy to take me up.

The weather was still wintry with cold winds but the only snow today was limited to a few flakes here and there. The views were fantastic and I even look as if I was enjoying my ‘ordeal’ in a few of the photos. There were a couple of places I had a wobble but I’m fairly confident that we will be good to go up here on the day.  As well as the demon ridge, we trotted on round recceing for the best line across the felltops.

A river cuts through rock, not because of its power but because of its persistence