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Step 10 – I changed my shopping habits

I never had a set time to go food shopping and would fit it in going home after work. This meant I never had a list but would arrive at the supermarket, grab a trolley and go up and down every aisle selecting things I knew I needed but also things I thought I needed. It also meant I was hungry when I shopped and I would overbuy, and not always healthy options.

I’d already made some changes to my eating habits and to help with that I found it easier not to have certain things in the house. I also changed the time when I shopped and went after I’d eaten and armed with a list. In that way, I could avoid the aisles where the biscuits and chocolates were and also the alcohol aisle. I spent much more time exploring the new and interesting selection of fruit and vegetables that we see today – although I don’t always know what to do with them.

What is your food shopping routine and would a change help you with your own goals?

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