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Step 12 – I check up on older neighbours and friends

Have you noticed how a spell of really bad weather in winter gets people chatting when they never would do so at other times. A really heavy snow load on the roads and pavements, for example, and it crosses your mind that some older neighbours might not feel safe trying to get out for a bit of shopping. Well actually, it’s not just in challenging weather that this is difficult for some of them.

I’d generally kept an eye on my closest lovely neighbours but I started to check up on others both nearby and some distance away too. As they became more frail so their own social networks start to decline and I reflected on how I would feel if this happened to me. One old lady friend was some considerable distance from me, involving a night away, but I really enjoyed going to see her once a month and taking her out for lunch or some other activity.

We both got a lot out of our friendship and it gives a good feeling to know you’ve brightened someone’s day.

How are your older neighbours and friends?

Challenges make life interesting - overcoming them makes life meaningful