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Step 16 – I planned a walk in the countryside and did it!!!

As I walking regularly, I thought it would be nice to walk somewhere new. I already knew where I’d like to go but thought it would be good to have company. My walking friend was always agreeable to a new adventure.

I made sure I had the correct maps and plotted the route we would take and where to park the car. We equipped ourselves with maps, compass, warm and wet weather clothing, food and water and set off.

It was an enjoyable, sociable and successful trip. Route finding was a bit challenging in places but we didn’t get lost although it was a bit hillier than I had anticipated. This first outing helped me to start to re-build some of my self-esteem.

Taking time out of normal life and giving time to me with some of my small steps was proving to be very worthwhile for my overall sense of wellbeing. Recharging the batteries is really important to me. I always sleep well after these outings in the fresh air too.

It gives me confidence to plan a route and then use the map and compass and get myself from A to B and back via C and D. For some reason, I’m always surprised that it works out!

When did you last take a couple of hours out from the daily grind and do something with a friend, possibly something completely new to you? Maybe some activity that sounds interesting or you thought you might like to try. It doesn’t have to be strenuous or outdoors. It might be a life changing moment.

Imagine the unimaginable - then make it happen