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Step 17 – I went camping

I went camping and spent a night under the stars. This was a really adventurous small step for me. There was a place I wanted to explore that was a few hours drive from home and, although slightly daunting, I thought it would be a good idea to camp out.

I asked a friend if they’d like to come along. It took a while to produce a few lists of what we needed to take. We chose a weekend that wouldn’t interfere with other things.
I was quite anxious but also excited. I was beginning to learn that the biggest fears were those in my head and that just ‘doing it’, whatever small step it was, was a lot easier than listening to, and living with, all my self-doubt.

It was a lot of fun and the time went all too quickly. Cooking and eating in the fresh air and chatting as the evening turned to night. Listening to the birdsong at dusk and watching as the stars began to appear and twinkle in the night sky. There was a gentle peace to the silence, interrupted occasionally by the call of an owl or distant sheep bleating or dog barking.

We did forget things but we made do and it didn’t matter. I also learned that I can leave work and housework and it will all still be there waiting for me when I get back. However, with my batteries re-charged, I felt more able deal with it all.

Going camping for me was quite a big deal and not one I could have taken on in my early small steps. There are different ways you to go camping from taking your own tent or hiring a tent to more comfortable options like yurts or log cabins. It’s also possible to hire camper vans.

The end goal is a bonus - it's the journey that changes us