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Step 19 – I got up early to watch a sun rise

I got up early to see the sunrise. In those days when I was overworking and highly stressed, I didn’t sleep well at night. During one particularly bad night, I was just unable to get back to sleep in the early hours and I noticed the dawn was just breaking through. I got up and wandered to the kitchen. Having made a drink, I opened the door. The sun was just starting to come up and it was bathing the whole of my view with a lovely red glow.

I went out to watch this wonderful sight. I could hear the occasional vehicle but the main sound came from the dawn chorus. I’d never really appreciated just how loud the birds are at that time of the morning. They seem to be quieter later in the day.
It gave me a real sense of wellbeing and gratitude to just be present in that moment.

Whether it is getting up early to see the sunrise or taking time to watch the sun set, every day is different. When did you last see the sun rise or set?

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