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Step 2 – I ate less fried food

Among the early small steps I took was making changes to what I ate. Rather than embark on some rigid and restrictive ‘diet’ plan that I knew would likely make me miserable and I would not follow, I decided to introduce small changes over many months.

I started by eating less fried food. That meant cutting down on things like chips. I cook most evenings but it’s all too easy to bake some oven chips when late home from work and short on time. I started planning meals ahead of time and so could think about baking jacket potatoes, sweet potato, rice, pasta or salad instead of opting for chips. I also stopped buying doughnuts and ate fruit instead. These easy alternatives are healthier for me and with less fat, would help me lose that weight.

What I found was that eating less fried food did help me lose weight. I also noticed an improvement in my skin condition over time.

I’d been troubled by indigestion at nights too, partly because of eating late in the evening but also what I ate and that also improved – which meant I got off to sleep more easily too.

All in all a really good small step for me,
I still eat chips and doughnuts occasionally – but only as a treat.

Why not replace those chips with a salad, or that doughnut with some fruit?

Challenges make life interesting - overcoming them makes life meaningful