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Step 20 – I visited a museum

My small steps are about making time and energy available to invest in me. As well as steps to adopt healthy lifestyle choices in my eating and drinking habits I feel it is also important to make time for other things like reading a book or going to the cinema occasionally.

A friend suggested we visit a museum and I agreed to go along.

We spent most of the morning there. Walking slowly through this very quiet environment, I became quite absorbed reading about various collections and items of historic interest. I wouldn’t normally take the time to do this and found it informative and quite relaxing. There was so much to see and we actually ran out of time and didn’t manage to get around all the floors. I’ve yet to go back and explore the art on the top floor.

All our towns have galleries and museums that specialise in different collections, cars, bikes, steam, pencils, ancient history and many more that we don’t often think about visiting. If it’s not an activity you would occasionally do, you might find it interesting and a bit different.

Don't let today's doubts become tomorrow's reality - do something today your future self will thank you for