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Step 24 – I joined a cycling group

I heard about a new cycling club that had started up in my town and, having found out a bit more about it, I decided to join them for a couple of trial rides on Saturday mornings.

I was quite anxious as I thought I might not be able to keep up, might be the slowest and get left behind, maybe being the oldest and not fit in but then, what’s the worst that can happen? I needed to go along and see.

I haven’t looked back. Within the group there were different rides specifically for those of different abilities. I was able to go out with the ladies’ ride. It was a very gentle pace, nobody got left behind. The ride had a group leader. Slowly my cycling skills improved and I met lot of different people from different walks of life, all with a shared interest in going cycling. We’d have a cafe stop during the ride too.

There are other cycling groups in the town and I now join different rides as and when I can, particularly evening rides during the summer. I love the social side of these rides and have made quite a few friends along the way.

It’s not a requirement to have any of the fancy kit that some cyclists wear, just a serviceable bike and a helmet are all that’s needed.

Doing an activity alone is great but the social aspect of doing it with others is even better. What shared activities do you do?

Believe you can and you're halfway there