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Step 25 – I tried something new

There was an ‘exploring different activities’ day held at my local leisure centre and I went along. They had different taster classes you could try. I chose to have a go at Tai Chi and yoga. Both were interesting but I quite liked the yoga. Despite it being a short class I found the yoga helped my stiff back so I decided to attend one of the regular yoga classes.

I now go quite often. It’s great for my flexibility which has improved. I also feel I walk more upright so it has improved my posture. My balance is better and I really love the relaxation part at the end of the classes. It’s great for de-stressing at the end of the day and I sleep better afterwards.

It’s always worth trying something new. You may be surprised at what you find you like. Your local leisure centre may well have some taster days. Why not check out what’s on near you?

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