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Step 30 – I make time for different things

It’s important for your mental health and to give some balance to your life to have a bit of time out doing something out of the normal routine. I’m still not very good at doing this as there’s never much time available.

Whilst making time for yourself is difficult enough, taking that time can feel very selfish when there are so many other people to think about.

Asking the children to help with tasks, leaving some chores or accepting they’re not done as perfectly as you’d like, learning to say “No”, without feeling guilty, (I still haven’t got this one sorted), are ways of making time. Most things can wait and I find I’m generally better at doing them if I’ve had a break. The main way I make time is to get up earlier as I achieve so much more when there’s no one else about.

What to do with the time?

Well, I visit the cinema once or twice a year and occasionally I attend a talk on some topic that interests me. I’ve also attended amateur music and drama productions. Most important to me is making sure I keep regular contact with friends so the occasional supper finds its way into the diary – and we all have to eat so shouldn’t feel guilty about that one.

When did you last make time for yourself?

You're never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream