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Step 5 – I ate more fruit

As part of the change I made to what I was eating, I wanted to stop eating biscuits and replace with a healthier alternative and eat more fruit (actually, that should read ‘eat fruit’) ! I moved the fruit bowl from the side of the room to the middle of the table and made sure I bought a selection of different things.

It worked for me and I found that with a nice choice of fruit to eat it was easier to have a banana, satsuma or some grapes instead of biscuits. I’d also take a bag of fruit to work and put it on my desk where it made it easy to have a number of healthy snacks during the day.

I don’t always eat fruit on its own but quite often have a mix of them in a smoothie. Adding frozen fruit like blueberries or red berry mix makes a refreshing healthy drink on warm days. So easy to make and what a lot of interesting flavours you can conjure up.

Five different coloured fruits a day is thought to be a good start. How many colours do you eat?

Challenges make life interesting - overcoming them makes life meaningful