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Step 7 – I joined a gym

As I started to lose weight, I felt I would like to do something as well as the walking to get into better shape. I joined a gym and went regularly.

I had an induction with a member of staff, which is the norm when starting at a gym. They asked what my ‘goals’ were and we talked through how often I might be able to go – twice a week at first, I thought. They produced a program to start me off, showed me how to safely use the equipment to do each exercise and explained how each would help.

I did go regularly and started to meet other people who went at the same time as me and so made some new friends as I exercised….including my little helper. The gym also put on various activity classes. I was quite nervous of joining these but once I did, I found there were lots of folk like me all with the same concerns, and I was amongst friends.

Going with a buddy makes it fun as you encourage each other with your efforts. You have quite a few laughs as well.

You don’t know whether you’ll like it till you try it. There’ll be a gym near you. It might be worth finding out what they can offer.

You're never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream