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Step 9 – I drank more water

This small step ought to be really simple but, for me, it wasn’t and I still don’t always get it right.

Recommendations are that we should drink 8 x 8 ounce glasses a day. That’s two litres or nearly four pints of water a day.

This is about keeping hydrated. If we are thirsty we need to drink… it doesn’t have to be water, although I do try to drink some plain water. We simply need to drink fluids. That can include a variety of water, milk, tea, coffee, juice and squash among others. Yes, tea and coffee do count: I understand that the myth that they are dehydrating is no longer thought to be valid.
However, it doesn’t include alcohol as this is dehydrating.

I know if I’m dehydrated because I get irritable, lose concentration and sometimes get a headache. I’ve also noticed that when I seem unusually hungry, it’s actually fluid I need.

How does dehydration affect you and how much fluid are you drinking?

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